Four friends in love with music

We met long ago in high school we went to different classes, but we all took part in music classes in our school and that's how we met. We quickly became friends and found a common musical language. We exchanged records, we discussed  favorite live performers. In the end, the idea arose to make the best rock songs in their own arrangements.


We started playing together in 1998. We were a typical garage team of teenagers. We met on weekends to play at Wojtek's home. The news about our band quickly spread, the music teacher encouraged us to perform at school parties and to participate in music contests. Winning several awards gave us a boost.

Men is playing a guitar on stage
Men is playing a guitar on stage

After high school, our paths diverged a bit. We studied in different cities, but we tried to regularly meet and play together. We were invited to student clubs. We came to the conclusion that it was time for the next stage and we started to create our own songs until we worked out our musical style, whose characteristic features are: long guitar solos, deep song lyrics and Kasia's moving voice.


In the end, we collected the material for the debut album. We sent it to many record labels and one of them decided to release our album. It's difficult to describe how happy we were! Our album was met with a warm reception among the young and slightly more mature audience. We set off on a concert tour, and recorded music videos for two of our songs. Our second album will be released soon!